1. Which rapper do you think had a lot of potential but never lived up to it, the biggest bust
in rap?

Right now, off top Juice WRLD that’s such a sad story you already know.

2. In your view who’s hardest worker in rap right now? Why?

Kevin Gates based on quality of music and tour schedule! Love it need to get my game right.

3. If you could pair up any two artists on a track?

I’m not falling for this, oh well for fun Billie Ellish and Marko Montana hahaha.

4. On the Production side, who do you want to work with? Artists and other producers.

Literally there are so many I don’t want to box myself in naming only a few.

5. As an artist who would you like to work with if you could pick from any?

Hmm… If it’s this hypothetical “who”, let’s use it for good still, Kodak Black, Pac, Nipsey, Biggie, LA, JoJo on and on, not sure we would make hits together but why not use a wish to bring
back some good people. Hate I put Kodak in that line, he here but still gone. Free Kodak Black Free Assange and the other 244 journalists held worldwide. Drug war prisoners and victim-less for profit
prisoners worldwide.

6. You could bench one rapper in the game right now, who is it?

None I just tune out the ones I don’t like.

7. What’s the name of your new project again?

SLUMS, seems like you move smarter. It’s a 100 song project to get us through the winter.

8. 100 songs why?

I have the understanding when you’re at the bottom it’s a longer way up. You have to do more to
overcome really prove your worth. These are going to be real fire tracks no slackin.

9. You going to take a break after this?

Not at all, by then hope to be completing me EP while everyone still catching new drops and
videos from SLUMS Project. Straight work I have some time to correct.

10. Any tour announcements?


Not yet, I just perform and host still quite a bit but need to get out there. We have had some discussions but it’s a big wait right now thing…

11. Afterwords: Question: Anything else you would like say or share right now?

Love my daughter, family and all my new and old fans, I really do.

Follow Up Question: You brought up imprisoned journalists why?

I grew up in the projects of Chicago, I’ve been a prisoner, I’m an artist and a rapper with a past and a connection to these streets. ZakTV that really happened, Emmit Till really happened, man Lil Jojo, LA really happened. This is real to me no matter what other people say. It should be no surprise I’m a human rights activist who greatly worries about the truth and being able to speak it, journalists most definitely included.

-Marko Montana